Kids Creative Learning at Home……Colour Match

Today’s little fun activity was so simple and easy to set up. Olivia has absolutely loved it and keeps asking to go back into the kitchen to add more stickers.

You’ll need:

  • Coloured card/paper
  • Coloured dot stickers

That’s it!!! Simple 🙂 Plus, because they generally come in bulk packs, this activity can be done time and time again, and even out & about. Extremely cost effective for a very rewarding and educational activity.

Give your child a sheet of coloured dot stickers and get them to match those stickers up with the correct coloured paper/card.

This activity is great for:

  • Creative and colour exploration
  • Self confidence (eg takes pleasure in their achievement)
  • Physical development (eg hand & eye coordination)
  • Social development if doing activity with others (eg taking it in turns or helping one another)
  • The list is endless for such an easy to set up activity

Please tag me over on Instagram Click Here if you do this activity with your little ones 🙂 Or #kidscreativelearningathome

Much love,

Emma xxxx


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